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This is the DEMO-ENVIRONMENT of the e-Procurement platform.

The e-Procurement platform offers contracting authorities (federal, regional and local) and companies quick and easy access to the different applications to have public procurements take place electronically


e-Notification allows contracting authorities to publish public procurements. Companies can electronically consult public procurements. 

Register free as a public purchaser:
As a public purchaser (federal, regional or local) you can use e-Notification to publish a public procurement at national and European level.  Register as Contracting AuthorityMore info is included in the manuals for the public purchaser










Register free as a company:
As a company you can use e-Notification to search for public procurements  of interest to you.

Register as a companyMore info is included  in the manuals for companies

You can find the official e-Procurement platform at